Installation instructions

This is a step by step guide to set you up for the Applied Machine Learning with R course taught at the AMLD 2020 by The R Bootcamp. For the course we will need R, RStudio, some R packages, as well as the datasets.


First we have to install R. Go to and select the appropriate R version for your operating system. Download R and follow the installation guide.

Additional Software


If you have a windows operating system, you will also have to download and install Rtools. To this end, go to, download Rtools35.exe and install it. Alternatively, you can directly download it via this link:


If you work on a Mac OS, you need to install gfortran 6.1, and clang-7. To do so, visit this page and download and install these two.


Now, let’s install RStudio. To this end, go to and select the appropriate RStudio Desktop installer for your OS and install it.


Finally, we’ll have to install a couple of packages that we will work with. To this end, open RStudio and enter the following code in the console panel (it is a tab labelled with Console):


If you are prompted whether you want to install packages from source, just type n and hit enter. This is safer (i.e. may avoid problems during package installation).

You will receive a final report from the script, telling you whether the necessary packages could be installed.


The last step is to download the materials via this link and to unzip and locate the folder somewhere you will be comfortable working with during the course.

That’s it. See you at the course!