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An in-depth R course for beginners, academics, and professionals. We cover classic frequentist and modern Bayesian statistics. We show you how to make elegant, informative data visualizations. We introduce you to some of R's most efficient libraries for data analysis and tools to write transparent, reproducible reports. We demonstrate big data applications and cutting-edge machine-learning techniques.


Get to know R and RStudio. Install software and packages. Get your data into R and do basic manipulations.


Descriptive and inferential statistics. T-tests, ANOVA, regression. Bayesian statistics. Machine learning and statistical prediction.


Histograms, barplots, scatterplots -- even our own pirateplots. Networks and maps. Interactive graphics with Shiny.


Write, organize, and share reproducible code using R Markdown and GitHub. Speed up your code with C++ and parallel programming.


Basel R Bootcamp - 9, 10, 16, 17 September, 2017

4-day introductory course hosted by the advanced study program of the University of Basel. Registration Fees: 1,290CHF Register here!

About Us

We Teach R

We are Dr. Dirk Wulff and Dr. Nathaniel Phillips, two cognitive scientists who have jointly spent over 15 years doing data science with R for both research and industry applications. We have written several R packages including cstab, mousetrap, yarrr, FFTrees, taught R courses at the Bachelor’s and PhD level, and authored the book YaRrr! The Pirate’s Guide to R.

You can find us on Twitter at @N_D_Phillips and @DirkUWulff, or via email at