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We are Swiss-based data scientists who have jointly spent over 25 years doing data science with R for both research and industry. Our goal is to help you learn the skills needed to discover and communicate insights from data and join the data revolution.


We offer various courses for everyone interested in starting their journey into Data Science. For more information see upcoming courses.


You have a Data Science problem? We might be able to help. Send us a message and we will get back to you right away.


We are active R developers and share R's open philosophy. That's why you will find all our materials are publicly available at all times.

Upcoming courses

For professionals and academics!

Balancing short, interactive presentations and longer hands-on, step-by-step practicals our courses are designed to cater to your specific level and needs, may you be a beginner or advanced data analyst. There will be multiple instructors to ensure that no one gets lost. Please contact us, if you have questions, and explore our open materials.


Why R

5 reasons why you should learn R today

R for Data Science

using the amazing tidyverse


Analyse sentiment using tidytext

Dynamic Reports

created easily using R Markdown

Our R Experts

Dr. Dirk Wulff

Founder & Lead instructor

MSc Markus Steiner

Instructor @ Basel

Dr. Michael Schulte-Mecklenbeck

Instructor @ Bern

MSc Samuel Aeschbach

Instructor @ Berlin

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